If you are charged with Assault or Battery then contact the attorneys at Summe & Summe, PSC. These crimes are normally charged simultaneously and generally include types of harassment, abuse or injury. The Attorneys at Summe & Summe, PSC will work to formulate a defense case for you!

Whether you are being charged with Murder, Homicide or Manslaughter, these charges are all life altering, stressful and frightening. There are different degrees and types of each of these charges. You may be charged with Involuntary or Voluntary Manslaughter. If you are found guilty of Murder or Homicide you could potentially spend the rest of your life in prison. When an individual is facing such charges it is imperative to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney who has handled these case before. We will build the best defense case possible by applying thorough legal analysis and years of experience.

A common defense to these types of charges is self-defense. Self Defense allows people to defend themselves with "reasonable" force, when they feel threatened by others and avoid criminal liability for their use of force. However, the amount of "reasonable" force depends on the circumstances. Individuals may still be charged with a crime if it is deemed that the individual used more force than necessary. We are sensitive to this defense, and will work hard to find and preserve the evidence in support of your self-defense claim.

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