Being accused of a sex crime is damaging to your life on many levels. Regardless if you are convicted of the crime, your reputation will be harmed throughout your social circles. Being accused of a sex crime could even cost you job opportunities and personal relationships. If you are charged with and convicted of such a crime, you may even have a hard time finding a place to live due to the stringent sex offender registration requirements.

Your freedom and your life depends on finding the perfect attorney to help you in building your case to avoid a conviction, tarnished reputation and/or jail time for sexual offenses. At Summe and Summe, PSC, we have a great deal of experience defending these types of offenses. If you have been accused of, or charged with date statutory rape, child pornography, rape, sexual harassment, prostitution, indecent exposure, failure to register as a sex offender, among other charges, we can help you to develop a defense most favorable to you and fight for your freedom and your good name.

Sex offenses cases require a certain kind of attention due to the delicate nature of the charge as well as the importance of keeping your good name clean. We have experience in these matters and can assure you that we will use the utmost deference when piecing together a strategy to make sure that your freedom and rights remain intact.

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